FP McCann manufacture box culvert sections to customer specifications. Culverts have a variety of different applications from the routing of water courses to providing safe pedestrian and animal crossings under road and rail infrastructure.

Uses include:

  • Attenuation and storage tanks
  • Water course diversion
  • Open channels
  • Road crossings
  • Pedestrian, animal an agricultural subways
  • Shafts
  • Conveyor protection
  • Service tunnels and ducts

End walls, access points, ventholes, inlets, outlets, rungs, angles and splayed ends can all be added to any run of culvert. Starter bars and sockets can also be included for further casting on site

Easi-Box Micro

Micro culverts are very small, reinforced rectangular sections with internal dimensions below 0.5 of a metre, useful for water and cabling infrastructure.

They do not require deep trenches and perform with a minimal amount of cover compared to traditional circular pipes and can be utilised where there is a minimal place on site. Micro culverts work above or below existing services

Easi-Box Micro

Typical Culvert:

Width and height from 0.640m to 4.0m, in lengths up to 2.2

Typical Culvert


Semi-circular channels can be cast into the floor of the units at any position with a choice of diameter


Combined with either a channel or just left as a ‘V’, benching improves flow rate


Mammal Ledges:

Cast-in mammal ledges (or rodent shelves) allow aceess through the culvert to wildlife without extra provisions being mad

Mammal Ledges


Two water courses cast into a single uni


Each job is designed to suit your requirements so every need can be factored into the desig



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