Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings

Standard PE Pipes

GPS PE pipes are extruded in two standard materials - PE80 (MDPE) and Excel® (PE100) in the following colours:

  • Blue - for potable water supply below ground.
  • Yellow/Orange - for gas supply below ground.
  • Black - for global water and gas supplies, UK potable water supplies above the ground and industrial (sewage, mining and quarry) applications above and below ground.

Pipes are available in 6 and 12 metre straight lengths with other lengths available to order. Pipe up to 180mm OD is also available in coils of 50m, 100m and 150m and may be supplied in longer lengths by special order. Pipe can also be extruded with four co-axial stripes to identify the contents being conveyed or to identify the application.

Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings


Protecta-Line is an award winning innovative PE pipeline solution specifically designed for the safe transportation of drinking water through contaminated and brownfield land. With WRAS and DWI approval, the system provides total peace of mind to the highest industry standards including the new WIS 4-32-19, meeting all the safety legislation demanded by water companies and customers alike.

Protecta-Line combines all of the advantages of conventional high quality PE pipe with an aluminium barrier layer to prevent permeation of ground contaminants and an additional PE outer protection layer. The Protecta-Line system is currently offered in pipe diameters from 25mm through to 180mm* and incorporates a dedicated range of approved fittings:

  • From 25mm to 63mm, a full range of Mechanical Compression Fittings requiring no scraping.
  • From 63mm to 180mm, a full range of Fluid Compression Fittings requiring no scraping.
  • A full dedicated range of gunmetal self-tapping ferrule off-takes with 25mm and 32mm Mechanical Compression Fitting outlets.
  • Where local water byelaws allow, Protecta-Line pipe may be butt-fused and is approved for use with electrofusion fittings from 90mm to 180mm.


DuraFuse & Frialen® Electrofusion Fittings

The GPS Long Spigot range offers a comprehensive choice of fittings suitable for butt-fusion without the need for pupping (provided that machines with narrow clamps are used). Products are offered in PE80 Yellow, Blue or Black as well as Excel® (PE100) Blue or Black. To facilitate easier jointing on-site, a range of fittings is also offered with factory-fitted half-metre pups in pipe sizes up to 400mm and with one-metre pups for larger pipe sizes.

Long Spigot & Pupped Fittings

DuraFuse electrofusion fittings are easy to use, offer superb performance and a rapid, convenient means of joining polyethylene pipes. Their design ensures optimum melt pressure because the energising coils of wire are precisely positioned to ensure uniformly consistent melting and to minimise the risk of accidental wire damage.

Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings



Patent protected the Metric/Imperial™ plastic compression fitting is the product of the company’s unrelenting commitment to continuous improvement and a culture based on innovation and ingenuity.

Seven into one will go


  • Blue MDPE BS 6572
  • Black MDPE BS 6730
  • Low Density Class C BS 1972
  • Low Density Class D BS 1972
  • High Density Class C BS 3284
  • High Density Class D BS 3284
  • IRS 135 Heavy Gauge BS 1972/61

No need for inserts or dedicated fittings. Liners must be used with metric pipe sizes 20, 25, 32, 50 & 63mm

No pipe preparation is needed and no force is required to push the pipe past the seal, so installation could not be faster or easier. Simply insert the pipe fully into the fitting and then tighten the nut. Assembly is so easy that you can even do it under live conditions. No special tools are required and there is no need to disassemble the fitting before use because the Metric/ImperialTM compression fitting is supplied pre-assembled and ready to use.

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