Water Management

Stormwater, Infiltration and Attenuation

Storm tanks offer the latest technology in stormwater infiltration and attenuation. The lightweight modular cell system is designed for use in a variety of applications, including car parking, commercial and residential developments.

Available in a range of depths, storm tanks can be configured to suit the capacity required, soil condition and land area available.

Soakaway solutions

The Polystorm soakaway system provides a modern, versatile alternative to the traditional inefficient gravel filled soakaway. Soakaways of any size or shape are easily constructed on-site from a number of lighweight, load bearing modular cells. They can be configured to suit the majority of site constraints and the units are light enough to carry manually and are quick and easy to install compared with alternative gravel filled or concrete ring soakaways. The entire Polystorm structure is wrapped with a permeable geotextile to prevent silt migration. Polystorm and Polystorm Lite both benefit from a 95% void ratio, compared with gravel filled soakaways which typically only have a 30% void ratio and you can see why the modular cell system is much more efficient and requires less excavation.

Stormcheck Chamber

The Stormcheck “Vortex Flow Control Chamber” allows precise control of site discharge rates.


  • Pre-Fabricated to customer specification.
  • Choice of Depth up to a maximum invert level of six meters.
  • Lightweight, yet tough and durable product.
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with Polypipe Water Management Products.
  • Choice of chamber sizes from: 1050mmØ, 1200mmØ, 1500mmØ and 1800mmØ.
  • Option of Step Irons to BS1247

Polypipe manufactures a range of chambers, available with or without bypass systems.

Benefits of the Stormcheck Chamber

  • Produced in our dedicated fabrications department.
  • Built to exacting customer specifications and delivered to site ready to be installed.
  • The factory fitted Vortex Control Device saves the contractor time.
  • Vortex Control Devices are widely recognised as being the most hydraulically efficient means of flow regulation.
  • Integral sump for silt catchment
  • Optional drain down system to ease maintenance and silt removal.
  • The Stormcheck Chamber can be integrated with any Polypipe SUDs Solution and the market leading Ridgidrain ADS System.


Stormcell® - Modular System with Patented Silt Protection Pipework

Stormcell® is a cost-effective, versatile modular stormwater storage system providing an environmentally sustainable and economically viable alternative to soft SUDS solutions.

It's suitable for installation beneath roads, car parks and amenity areas. Stormcell® is installed utilising a pipework system which prevents the entry of silts and grits into the storage volume.

Virtually maintenance free and more effective than conventional systems, Stormcell® is high capacity stormwater system which can be designed to suit shallow, deep or irregular site requirements.


  • Silt prevention system.
  • Woven geotextile on the top and bottom of each block prevents intrusion of fines.

Storage & Infiltration

Stormbloc® - Modular System with an integral Patented Maintenance / Inspection Tunnel

Stormbloc® is a cellular block type structure used to create below ground surface water storage and infiltration systems.

The modular blocks make Stormbloc® quick and easy to install in almost any situation including industrial and commercial projects as well as residential developments, SuDS schemes and conveyance applications. Strong enough to withstand traffic loads, Stormbloc® can be installed under roads, parking areas, driveways and landscaped areas without additional protection.


  • Patented inspection / maintenance tunnel through each block. Once aligned these tunnels run continuously through the length of the system.


  • British Board Of Agrément (BBA) approved.
  • Quick and easy to install in almost any situation.
  • Strong enough to withstand traffic loads.
  • Can be used to provide additional storage capacity to ponds and swales.
  • Can be used in conjuction Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls, Downstream Defender®, Up-Flow™ Filter and Hydro Filterra™ to be part of a complete SuDS system.

Stormbloc® Inspect - Unrivalled Accessability for Stormbloc® Installations

Offering an unrivalled level of accessability to any Stormbloc® installation, this modular access chamber sited within the tank, can easily be incorporated into the layout of the infiltration or storage system.


  • Unrivalled level of accessability
  • Connection points on all four sides for access to the inspection tunnels

Flow Control

Hydo-Brake® Vortex Flow Control

The Hydro-Brake® Flow Control is a patented, passive vortex flow control device that has been used to prevent upstream and downstream flooding at over 25,000 installations worldwide. Suitable for many applications including: stormwater detention, flood storage areas, catch basin inlet flow control, balancing ponds, sewage treatment works etc.

The STH range of Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls are BBA approved. The BBA Certificated (No 08/4596) covers hydraulic performance as well as manufacture and complianace with building regulation stanards.


  • British Board of Agrément (BBA) Certification of Peformance on STH range of Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls.
  • Self-activating with no moving parts or power requirements.
  • Superior hydrualic peforma nce compared to conventional flow regulators.
  • Area of opening is 3-6 times larger than the equivalent orifice.
  • Also available as the Hydro-Brake® Chamber - an easy to install, precast reinforced concrete chamber containing a ready fitted, bespoke Hydro-Brake® Flow Control.
  • Can be used in conjuction Stormbloc®, Stormcell®,Downstream Defender®, Up-Flo™ Filter and Hydro Filterra™ to be part of a complete SuDS system.


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