High quality approved products, designed and manufactured within an approved and registered BS EN ISO 9001 quality system

PE pipes are available in 6 and 12 metre straight lengths. Other lengths can be made to order. Pipe up to 180mm OD is also available in coils of 50m, 100m and 150m and can be supplied in longer lengths on drums. Pipe can also be extruded with four co-axial stripes to identify the contents being conveyed or to identify the application.

Pipes are extruded in two materials – PE80 (MDPE) and PE100 (HPPE) in the following colours:

BLUE – For potable water supply below the ground.

YELLOW – For Gas supply below the ground.

BLACK – UK potable water supplies above the ground and industrial (sewerage, mining and quarry) applications above and below the ground.


Philmac’s latest range of compression fittings, 3G metric/imperial, incorporates all the benefits of philmac’s slide & tighten technology. No pipe preparation nor force is required to push the pipe past the seal, so installation is fast and simple. Just insert the pipe into the fitting, tighten the nut by hand then by wrench. For fast and easy connections between metric and imperial polythylene. No inserts required for imperial pipe BS1972/3284 and IRS 135 heavy gauge. Patent protected the metric/imperial plastic compression fitting is the product of our commitment to innovation


The Philmac 3G™ range of compression fittings doesn’t just represent the latest technology available; it is the next generation of pipe fitting. The 3G range is a global platform of pipe fittings. By simply changing the nut, split ring and seal, 3G™ fittings can effectively join any standard of PE pipe including normal gauge, metric and imperial pipe types. Featuring Philmac’s unique Slide & Tighten® technology, 3G™ compression fittings make installation easy. No insert is required and no force is needed to push the pipe into the fitting. In addition, a visual stop indicator reduces the risk of over tightening.


Valves play an integral part in the performance, management and control of water quality, flow and pressure within a pipe system. Philmac manufactures a broad range of valves. Each valve is designed to cater for an array of applications


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