Concrete Drainage


The catchpit effectively provides a sealed sump manhole, a monolithic precast concrete unit fitted with connector seals, which can be used to connect to the following  types of uPVC, twinwall, clay, ductile iron and concrete.

The catchpit is designed to accommodate pipe sizes DN150 and DN1200 and is in line with highway specification.

Gullies & Gully Cover Slabs

FP McCann provide an extensive range of road gullies and gully cover slabs.

Our precast concrete road gullies are extremely robust and ideal for both domestic and heavy duty use.

Our road gullies and cover slabs are manufactured in accordance with BS 5911-6.

Manhole Rings & Chambers

FP McCann’s manhole rings are available in a wide range of sizes in both the standard and wide wall range.

Made from strong, dense concrete, FP McCann’s manhole rings are capable of withstanding infiltration and attack from corrosive environments. Complementary products such as manhole cover slabs are also available.


FP McCann is a leading manufacturer in the supply and delivery of precast concrete pipes that comply with accredited quality assurance schemes and meet the relevant British and European standards.


FP McCann’s precast concrete headwalls provide an ideal end connection point to outfall pipes into open watercourses such as rivers, culverts, collection and balancing pools.

They are a very efficient alternative to intrusive shuttering of soil embankments and costly on-site formwork with ready-mixed concrete, making them particularly suitable for use in hard to reach locations and in environmentally sensitive areas. Where time constraints exist such as in tidal flow situations, concrete headwalls can be quickly positioned, secured and backfilled, providing immediate stability around the point of water discharge.

The FP McCann headwall range can accommodate pipe sizes from DN150 to DN2100 and is suitable for usage with box culverts. Additionally, accessories such as flap valves, penstocks, silt traps, handrails and safety grates can be built in as part of the specification.


Easi-Base™ addresses a long-standing problem associated with traditional methods of manhole construction.

Labour intensive, in-situ practices typically taking up to 36 hours are eliminated by the fully integrated unit which can be installed and connected in a matter of minutes.


Vortex Flow Controls (VFCs) are commonly used in drainage schemes to regulate the stormwater runoff from urban areas.

Through the use of vortex flow technology FP McCann’s Stormbrake™  provides the solution to a variety of stormwater management problems. These include accurately controlling stormwater flow, minimising upstream storage requirements and reducing the risk of blockages compared to traditional orifice plates.


FP McCann’s StormChannel™ is a heavy duty, precast concrete slot drainage channel designed to remove surface water from many areas, including roads, motorways, car parks, industrial, commercial and residential areas. This helps to prevent flooding and run-off.

FP McCann offers two types of StormChannel™ slot drain:

  1. A precast concrete bullnosed kerb drainage channel has a linear slot drain and a profiled, oblong drainage channel.
  2. A standard precast concrete drainage channel with an interrupted slot and stabiliser bars for increased stability.
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