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Why not give us a call for a competitivequote on a wide range of drainage,pressure pipe and geotechnicalproducts from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers.

Land Drainage Systems

Land Drainage Systems

Single wall corrugated land drainage pipe available in 10 diameters from 60 to 360mm and in a range of coils sizes. Perforated and unperforated options are available. Branches, connectors and end caps complete the range.

Ridgidrain Advanced Twin Walldrainage System

Ridgidrain Advanced Twin WallDrainage System

The answer to all non-pressure surface and subsurface water drainage applications. Ridgidrain pipes are available in carrier, fully perforated or half perforated configurations and in diameters from 100 to 1050mm. A complete range of bends, branches, couplers, and reducers complete the range. Bespoke fabrications of catchpits, manholes and soakaways are also available.

Ecoblock Grass Protection System

Ecoblock Grass Protection System

To accommodate pedestrian and golf buggy traffic on a grass pathways subject to constant use. Plastic cells interlock to form a load bearing platform suitable for its intended use without damaging the grass sward.

Plasson Compression Fittings

Plasson Compression Fittings & Valves

For MDPE water pressure pipe comprises of a wide range of couplers, elbows, tees and valves. Available to suit pipes from 16 to160mm diameter and to a working pressure of 16 bar. The system is widely used in potable water and irrigation schemes throughout the UK.

Mdpe Pipe


For mains and pressured water applications. High quality approved products manufactured to BS EN 9001. Diameters of 20 to 63mm for basic irrigation and water service applications in a range of coils sizes.

Recyfix Channel Drainage

Recyfix Channel Drainage

Cost effective surface drainage solution for car parks and pedestrianised areas alike. A range of gratings in different materials and styles are available up to 250kN loading. End caps, trash boxes and locking bars complete the range.

Geotextiles Geomembranes And Geocomposites

Geotextiles, Geomembranes and Geocomposites

Geotextiles and geocomposite products for a wide range of applications including drainage, separation, filtration, erosion control and slope stabilisation. Geomembranes for the lining lakes and ponds.

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