Managed Stores

Managed Stores Solution

Leading the way for a truly tailored service

Utilising our national network of over 200 branches has shown to be extremely successful in satisfying the requirements of the great majority of our contracts. There are times, however when a more tailored service is required, in these cases we are pleased to offer our Managed Stores Solution.

The provision of a Managed Stores Solution allows us to work extremely closely with the customer, to fully understand their goals, challenges and aspirations – both short and long term. By doing this, we are able to integrate fully and carry out delivery of the contract requirements in the most effective and efficient way possible. This allows all efforts to be focused on further development of the relationship throughout and beyond the contract life cycle.

With a Managed Stores Solution, customers can expect;

  • Dedicated premises for sole use of the customer.
  • Size, location and layout mutually agreed on a best fit requirement.
  • Full in-house IT integration.
  • Staff integration – utilisation of our products alongside customer operational knowledge under one roof.
  • Highly efficient day to day operations.
  • Potential to save money.
  • Increase in maintenance teams efficiency through managing the stock of products within the fleet of vehicles.
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