Emtelle supply the complete end-to-end solution base for the power industry and are approved by all UK DNOs including SPEN. The product range includes:

uPVC & PE ducting systems – meet the ENATS 12-24 (class 1 & 2) standard available with 2 socket types; Standard Interference-Fit Socket (IP4X) and Emtelle’s innovative Interference Ring Seal (IRS) Socket (IP57&IP68)

HDPE sub duct systems – range from 16mm to 63mm diameter to provide an easy, safe, & rapid placement of cabling within main ducting network

Direct Install and Direct Bury Traditional Cable – range from 6-216f available that can be pulled into an existing duct, or those with additional sheath protection can be direct buried

Full range of accessories – comprehensive range of duct accessories, ancillary products and bends designed in varying sizes to meet performance requirements for power deployments.

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