Rainwater Harvesting

Make your water usage more sustainable by installing a rainwater harvesting unit in your home. The rainwater harvesting unit will collect and store the rainwater from your roof to be reused in your home or garden for non-potable applications.

PDM offer a range of rainwater harvesting units that are designed for two applications; a direct feed system for interior use and garden irrigation system for external use. These systems are available with storage volumes ranging from 1380 – 4120 litres to meet your property requirements depending on size and rainfall volumes. All of our tanks are fitted with an integral filter and fittings in accordance with British Standard rainwater harvest systems code of practice.

What can rainwater be used for?

Rainwater can be used for;

  • Toilets
  • Washing machines
  • Garden
  • Pressure washers
  • Swimming pools
  • Ponds

Benefits of rainwater harvesting

  • Reduce water bill with on mains water consumption cut by up to 50%
  • Compliant with SEPA discharge regulations
  • Allows you to demonstrate sustainable drainage in your planning applications

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