Wastewater Management

Kingspan Klargester have been providing innovative and reliable wastewater management systems for more than 60 years. We supply and install the Kingspan Klargester BioDisc, BioTec & Domestic Pump Stations for domestic properties and large dwellings which are off mains.


Klargester Accredited Installer V1 Hw

BioDisc® BA-BD Range of High Perfomance Sewage Treatment Plants

Klargester BioDisc® is a premier sewage treatment plant and offers a high performance, low maintenance system producing clear, odourless effluent (BOD Factor 15) which meets the rigorous quality standards demanded by local environment agencies. It is the only domestic treatment plant using a Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC). Operating costs are minimal, with an extremely quiet and reliable low power electric motor. Klargester BioDisc uses rotating discs as a medium for supporting bacteria which carry out the aerobic treatment process. Primary and final settlement are contained within the unit which also has a totally unique flow management system to provide optimum performance under all circumstances.

The exceptional quality of Klargester BioDisc® is recognised worldwide, having achieved DIN approval in Germany, SFT certification in Norway, IAB for Ireland, NSF approval in the USA and UK Agrément certification. It has also now been performance certified to the new EU CEN standard.


BiotecTM Range of High Efficiency Sewage Treatment Plants

Klargester BiotecTM sewage treatment plant employs the well proven aerobic biological process for the treatment of sewage. Three distinct process stages take place within the single tank.

  • Coarse solids are separated and retained for gradual breakdown
  • The separated liquor is continuously distributed over specialist media (which develop bacteria) by an airlift operated by a remotely sited blower.
  • Final settlement of solids takes place. With normal domestic sewage a discharge of 20mg/l biological oxygen demand (BOD), 30mg/l suspended solids (ss), 20 mg/l ammonia can be achieved.

All Kingspan Environmental sewage treatment plants are fitted with unobtrusive low profile covers that provide full access for maintenance and annual desludging. For extra peace of mind and guaranteed long-term performance, Kingspan offers service packages on all models.


Hillmaster range of pump stations

Kingspan Environmental manufacturers the HillMaster range of packaged pumping stations suitable for use with either raw waste or settled effluent. Best practice should always be to pump sewage to a mains sewer if there is one within reasonable proximity. For developments where foul drainage by gravity is not possible including:

  • Domestic sewage pumping
  • Effluent pumpsets for sewage treatment plants
  • Surface water pumping systems
  • Septic tank pumpsets
  • 24 hour storage chambers specially designed to meet the requirements of Building Regulations Document H1 Foul Drainage
  • Bespoke systems including large capacity concrete chambers


SuperSeptic Tank

The SuperSeptic new generation septic tank adds an integral aeration chamber to the basic septic tank design. It allows a natural liquid overflow (BOD factor 50) to a drainage field or garden, but with substantially less odour and pollution – and less danger to children, pets and plants.

Unlike traditional septic tanks the SuperSeptic has a small air pump, which may be located above ground and up to 13 metres away. The airflow steadily aerates the sewage in the tank, significantly reducing the BOD factor. As a result, odour of the overflowing liquid is reduced significantly.

Superseptic Tank

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