The catchpit effectively provides a sealed sump manhole, a monolithic precast concrete unit fitted with connector seals, which can be used to connect to the following  types of uPVC, twinwall, clay, ductile iron and concrete.

The catchpit is designed to accommodate pipe sizes DN150 and DN1200 and is in line with highway specification.

Benefits of using the Catchpit unit:

  • Creates an immediate watertight structure
  • Prefabricated off-site (minimising on-site labour and costs)
  • Quick and efficient to install
  • Accommodates connection to all types of pipe used in road and manhole construction
  • Safety benefits gained in the construction of manholes as the pre-formed sump and connect seals eliminate on-site construction, thus greatly reducing labour activity within the manhole
  • Quality is greatly increased as construction is within the factory environment and complies with BS EN 1917 and BS 5911
  • Eliminates material wastage associated with current in-situ method
  • Yields environmental benefits such as lower carbon footprint, less concrete used on-site and less excavated material removed from site
  • Bespoke designs available¬≠

Fpmccann Drainage Catchpits Dimensions

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