Easi-Base™ addresses a long-standing problem associated with traditional methods of manhole construction.

Labour intensive, in-situ practices typically taking up to 36 hours are eliminated by the fully integrated unit which can be installed and connected in a matter of minutes.


  • An extremely fast, efficient and economical method of constructing manhole bases on site.
  • WRc approved and accepted by all UK Water Companies.
  • Significant Health and Safety benefits.
  • An immediate watertight structure allowing for other trades to instantly follow on.
  • Factory prefabrication provides a quality finish to challenging and benching and enables accurate combinations and variations for entry/exit pipes.
  • Connects with any type of pipe and is compatible with the DN1200 130mm wide wall mnahole chamber ring.
  • Maintenance of channels and benches aided by clean access for inspection.
  • Environmental benefits include both a reduction in excavated materials and imported ready mixed concrete and mortar.
  • An 80 year guarantee system.


  • The DN1200 Easi-Base™ is made to an internal diameter of 1200mm with tongue and groove joint profile to match standard DN1200 manhole chamber rings.
  • Wall thickness is 150mm.
  • The base has a 150mm floor thickness with the outlet invert as approximately 150mm from ground level.
  • A 1% fall exits across the channel toward the outlet (1:100).
  • A gradient of 1:10 is present at the benching with the run-off toward the channel.
  • The height of the DN1200 Easi-Base™ unit varies in accordance with the diameter of the main channel running through the unit.
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