Gullies & Gully Cover Slabs

FP McCann provide an extensive range of road gullies and gully cover slabs.

Our precast concrete road gullies are extremely robust and ideal for both domestic and heavy duty use.

Our road gullies and cover slabs are manufactured in accordance with BS 5911-6.



Our precast concrete road gullies are extremely robust and ideal for both domestic and heavy-duty use.

Road gully benefits include:

  • The seal has been cast-in, thus preventing loss or damage on-site
  • An integral seal and rodding eye for universal sealing characteristics
  • The rodding eye closure has been recessed into the concrete to help eliminate dislodgement
  • Reduced thickness, giving reduced weight and a smaller footprint for better vehicle utilisation
  • An improved system that helps prevent any discharge of oil
  • The gully is fully universal, suitable for all plastic and clay drainage products from 160mm to 186mm diameter
  • Does not lose shape and does not float (self-weight inhibits flotation)




Gully Cover Slabs

Gully Cover SlabsGully Cover SlabsGully Cover Slabs

FP McCann’s Gully Cover Slab is designed as seating for a gully grate.

Our precast concrete gully cover slab is available in both a standard and horseshoe shape.

Benefits of the Gully Cover Slab

  • Quicker to lay, thus ensuring reduced labour costs
  • Use on top of 450mm diameter gully
  • Eliminates the need to lay engineering bricks on-site
  • Sits flush to kerb, resulting in enhanced stability
  • 100mm thick single-piece unit
  • Eliminates brickwork vertical joint ‘weak spots’
  • Greater stability than brickwork
  • Quality product produced by vibration process
  • Compressive strength is similar to Class B.Eng. bricks

Gully Cover Slabs

Gully Cover Slabs

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