07th February 2022

At PDM, we are always working in close partnership with our suppliers to identify new product
offerings that will benefit our customers. A fantastic example of this is Wrekin’s ClickLift™ product. 

ClickLift™ eliminates the time and resources required to dig out and reinstall manhole frames to suit
the final adoptable road surface. This eliminates the potential damage to manhole covers during
construction, minimising disruption.

Steve Miller, Business Development Manager, PDM stated “We’re continually looking for innovative
products for customers that add value and increase efficiency, a great example of this is Wrekin’s
ClickLift™ System, it eliminates the need for manhole cover reinstatement on site, the product has
been very well received by both house builders and ground workers alike.”

This system will be of particular interest to housing developers and contractors with the potential to
deliver significant savings and allow whole estates to have their covers raised to the final surfacing
level, in as little as a few hours.
Simon Gibson, technical director at Wrekin Products, said: “When it comes to reinstallation of
manhole covers, we understand the disruption and damage that this causes house builders and
ground workers, and that’s why we created ClickLift™, an innovative, simple and effective solution
that will save, time, effort and money.”

The system is available in four fixed incremental raising heights, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm and 60mm. You can find further product information here

Available across all ten PDM branches throughout Scotland. Contact your nearest branch for details.