Wavin Osma Rainwater/Soil/Waste

Wavin Osma Rainwater

The Wavin Osma rainwater range offers a choice gutter profiles to meet the varying aesthetic, performance, and installation requirements for all types of building.  In addition, Osma Domed Roof Outlets provide efficient and reliable drainage for flat roofs.


Wavin Osma Soil

The Wavin Osma soil and vent range offers an exceptional choice of pipe and fittings including brackets, bends, junctions, access fittings, terminations and problem solvers. Available in a choice of colours (black, grey and white) and connection methods: Ring-Seal (push-fit) and Solvent

Weld to give maximum installation flexibility.


Wavin Osma Waste

The Wavin Osma waste and overflow range offers a choice of three waste systems:

push-fit waste and two solvent weld waste systems for standard and high temperature usage.

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