Thermoplastic Systems

Superflo ABS

SuperFlo ABS is a fully matched, solvent-welded system including pipe, fittings and valves for chilled and cold-water services and other environmental control systems.

SuperFlo ABS has a smooth bore which greatly reduces the build-up of biofilms which can create potential for harmful bacteria such as legionella and pseudomonas and is completely corrosion resistant meaning lower maintenance costs and optimum pump efficiencies.

The system operates within a wide range of temperatures and remains extremely ductile even as low as -40⁰C. The jointing method is fast and simple, and being extremely lightweight SuperFlo ABS is much easier to handle than traditional materials, making installation quicker, cheaper and safer.


Vulcathene is a complete laboratory drainage system manufactured from a unique material which provides excellent chemical resistance even at high temperatures, with the added benefit of preventing degradation from UV exposure.

This highly engineered system comes with the quality assurance of being the only BBA approved laboratory drainage system on the market. Vulcathene can be specified in the comfort that it has been rigorously tested against its specific purpose; to safely transport chemical effluents.

In order to cater for the complete drainage requirements of a laboratory, the Vulcathene portfolio has been developed to include sinks, traps and many other laboratory furniture items to provide a fully matched and reliable installation.

Durapipe HTA

Durapipe HTA is a fully matched system of pipes, fittings and valves designed for transporting hot and cold water at pressure, making the system a high-performance, cost-effective alternative to copper.

The simple and effective solvent-weld jointing of HTA helps to significantly reduce installation time. The lightweight products are easy to handle on site and fitting them requires no hot-works licenses during installation.

The HTA system is produced with a smooth bore, and combined with the corrosion resistance of the CPVC material, this greatly reduces the risk for biofilms, which can cause the build-up and release of harmful quantities of bacteria such as Legionella into the water supply.

The HTA system holds a high level of standards and approvals from third party bodies such as WRAS, providing customers with the peace of mind needed when specifying the ideal system for delivering clean, safe water.


PLX is a complete range of specialist welded pipework systems for the safe transfer of fuels and their vapours.​

PLX is suitable for use with traditional fuels such as leaded and unleaded petroleum and diesel, as well as alternative fuels such as bio-diesel, E10, E85 and a range of other fuel oils. PLX provides a specialist solution for fuel transfer across a variety of applications including forecourts, back-up power generators, rail, marine and off-grid power.​

A multi-layered polyethylene composite pipe system offering an internal permeation barrier, PLX is available in both single-wall and secondary-contained options, and is specifically designed to provide maximum permeation protection to the environment. PLX is fully complient with the Energy Institute (Institute of Performance Systems) and conforms to EN14125 regulations.

Through continuous innovation over 25 years, PLX offers a range of system options each tailored for specific applications in conveying fuels and their vapours.


Friaphon is a purpose-designed sound attenuated drainage system that offers excellent sound insulation, making it an ideal solution for use in care homes, apartments and hospitals.

This dual layer PVC-U system is designed to cater for above ground soil and waste needs as well as internal rainwater service applications. Friaphon is suitable for temperatures of up to 95°C and is highly impact resistant. Produced in accordance with the British standard for wastewater drainage, with a Euroclass b-s1-d0 fire reaction rating, the Friaphon system can be installed with the confidence of high performance.

The Friaphon system does not require lagging, and the easy push-fit jointing method means straightforward and efficient installation with less material requirements. This provides a significant installed-cost benefit compared with a lagged single wall system or cast-iron

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