Marley Underground and Quantum

An introduction to Marley

The Marley brand is recognised throughout the world, offering innovative solutions for the construction industry. Marley are experts in the field of plumbing and drainage and offer technical support as well as a wealth of product and installation knowledge.

Marley Plumbing & Drainage is part of the Aliaxis group of companies, internationally recognised as a major global supplier of construction products. Marley hold 13 kitemark licences and 6 BBA certificates, are members of the Plastic Pipes Group of the BPF and have representation on 24 European CEN Committees.

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Solid Wall Pipe

83.5mm diameter
110mm diameter
160mm diameter

Quantum Sewer & Highway

150mm diameter
225mm diameter
300mm diameter

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A comprehensive range of gully components available.

Allows a wide variety of gully combinations to be assembled on-site to accommodate different applications.

Square or rectangular gully hoppers and gully inlet raising pieces all have connections for small diameter pipework above the trap water level, but below the gully grating.

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450mm chambers with lids up to 12.5 tonnes loading.
250mm chambers suitable for depths up to 600mm with level and stepped invert.
Suitable for 110mm and 160mm drainage connections.

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