With a combination of focus on wellbeing and keeping costs under control, developers need commercial paving products that offer both durability and visual appeal.

Our range of paving slabs from the UK’s market leader provides breadth of range to suit any landscape design. Their quality, reliability, and environmental credentials also contribute to the sustainable development of the urban landscape.



Civils and Lintels work with Marshalls as the UK’s market leader in commercial flag paving.

Ranges we offer include Saxon, Keypave, Urbex, Pendle, Perfecta and Tactile blister slabs.

Marshalls Saxon Paving – This textured flag paving is designed to provide a unique surface finish through its blend of a hard Yorkstone aggregate. The manufacture of the paving stones, in which Saxon Paving is given its textured finish, means that it delivers both durability and non-slip properties. Trafica formats and the optional use of patented Fibre Reinforcement also means that Saxon paving can be deployed in areas of variable loading requirements. The paving is available in 3 colours – Natural, Buff and Charcoal. Additionally, a comprehensive choice of plan sizes is offered including Step Tread formats.

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Marshalls Perfecta Paving – Marshalls Perfecta smooth ground flag paving combines fantastic aesthetics and outstanding technical performance to act as a cost-effective alternative to premium natural Yorkstone. The paving provides the warm, rich colour and character of natural Yorkstone, as well as durability and both wet and dry non-slip qualities at an affordable price. Perfecta is extremely versatile and is available in a range of thicknesses and sizes, from 400 x 400m to 600 x 600mm.

It is also available with chamfered edges, which reduce the risk of spalling. Marshalls’ Perfecta range comes in Trafica formats and versions of the product that feature fibre reinforcement for increased toughness and resistance to impact and overloading, which means it is suitable for the majority of variable loading applications.

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Marshalls Keypave – Designed specifically for use on house building schemes, Keypave paving features a smooth surface and chamfered profile edge as standard. Keypave has a 40mm flag depth and is available in 3 plan sizes, each of which meets specifications under Building Regulations Part M, 2015, and includes spacer nibs for easy installation. The range is specially configured for housebuilders to create an integrated look in any residential scheme. Keypave is available in a selection of carefully selected, warm colours that work well in residential pathways and patios – Buff, Brindle, Charcoal and Bracken.

Marshalls Urbex Paving – Urbex Paving provides a premium appearance at a low-cost. Available in three modular plan sizes, Urbex Paving also comes in two depths, providing a paving solution that’s suitable for commercial pedestrianised areas and housebuilder pathways and patios. As an alternative to Standard Pimple Paving, the riven surface of Urbex Paving offers a quality finish at a budget price. It’s a particularly smart practical choice for large areas – or for any project where spending is restricted. Available in two colour options, Buff and Natural, Marshalls’ Urbex Paving means designers don’t have to compromise on appearance to achieve a great price.

Tactile flag paving – Used to warn visually impaired pedestrians of a road crossing or gradient change, while cycleway tactile flag paving marks out the areas that can be used by cyclists.

Permeable concrete flag paving – This paving aids water management by reducing surface run-off water and allowing it to drain through the base and into the sub-base, without the need for additional linear drainage systems.

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