Street Furniture

Protective and Aesthetic Street Furniture Ranges

Marshalls Landscape Protection offers a new approach – a design, engineering and specification philosophy that enables highly effective protective and non-protective street furniture to blend seamlessly into urban landscape design.

Our developments in design, manufacture and technology negate the need for bulky and obtrusive products, enabling those who design our city spaces to think more creatively about how they can include protective and non-protective street furniture within landscape design features.

Our protective street furniture is designed to promote safety of shared urban spaces, ensuring those using them feel safe not scared; and allowing architects, planners and designers to install security measures without instilling fear.

Our non-protective street furniture ranges can meet the requirements of any public space project, with key pieces that fit into any landscape.

With an extensive collection of everything from bollards, planters and seating in various material options, available as crash tested or non-crash tested, our Marshalls Landscape protection portfolio offers everything required to develop urban areas in terms of both public safety and aesthetic appeal.


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