Prestressed Concrete Lintels

Prestressed concrete lintels play a pivotal role in any building’s structural integrity typically used for window and door openings.

They can accept a wide range of surface finishes without special preparation and come in a variety sizes and loadings.

Prestressed concrete is one of the most reliable, durable and widely used in the construction industry, it boasts a number of benefits including lower construction cost, fewer joints and a high strength to section ratio.

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We supply lintels in a wide range of sizes manufactured in the UK by Naylor concrete.

At PDM our concrete lintel offering includes economy, high strength and fire specification lintels.

Economy Lintel – The economy lintel is a cost effective fully reversible lintel ideal for when you have a standard housing situation or small load situation. The product has an ex-steel mould finish and is made from wet cast concrete. It is designed with imperfections such as small air holes on the surface, aggregate and concrete fines to bottom this is to give a key to the blockwork. These economy lintels have a standard fire rating of 30 minutes. For use normally in plastered situations.

Fair Faced Lintel – This range of lintels are designed with the same cost benefits of the economy range but with a smooth finish allowing the lintel to be visible in construction. Materials used in the manufacture of Naylor Prestressed Lintels comply with BS EN206 and BS8500 and All Naylor Lintels are wet cast and have a concrete strength of 50 kN/mm2. Both the economy and fair faced range are available in lengths from 600mm to 3600mm as standard, however, longer and intermediate lengths are available on request.

Hi Spec Lintels – All Hi-Spec lintels units are pre-stressed to ensure optimum performance and come with 30 minutes fire rating as standard. With a range of 18 different sections sizes and with lengths available from 450mm to 4800mm on certain sections sizes. Due to additives and concrete strength, these units are suitable for use below ground.

Fire Specification Lintels – A range of lintels with enhanced fire resistance, 140mm wide units can achieve 90 minutes, 190mm and 215mm wide units can achieve 120 minutes fire resistance. All fire specification lintels units comply with BS8110-2 1985, Section 4 table 4.3 and as a result have a slightly less load bearing capacity when compared with the Hi Spec Lintels.

Concrete lintels are available in a range of lengths including: 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1350mm, 1500mm and 1800mm. Bespoke lintels are available to order.

To talk to us about any lintel or discuss a project, contact your local branch.

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