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DN1200 Easi-Base (Polypropylene lined)

DN1200 Easi-Base (Polypropylene lined) efficiency in manhole construction

Combining both materials together perfects the whole process of connecting the manhole chamber to the pipeline. The polypropylene unit provides prefabricated channels and connectors which:

  • ensure long lasting waste water-resistant protection for concrete manholes
  • is economically advantageous
  • allows any orientation to be manufactured and delivered quickly
  • absolute watertightness
  • connections available to varying types of pipe


  • Provides immediate watertight structure, allowing quicker follow-up with subsequent construction activities
  • Provides the missing link in a complete precast solution to manhole construction
  • Caters for pre-fabrication to accommodate all combinations and variations in entry / exit pipes
  • Improves safety of construction (slips / trips and other hazards), as pre-formed base and channels reduce the number of site operations thus avoiding the need for personnel to repeatedly climb in and out of manhole during construction
  • Provides a solution that offers increased confidence in ability to meet industry standards
  • Yields environmental advantages – less concrete used and less excavated material removed from site
  • Offers cost benefits with reductions in construction time and resource requirements
  • Eliminates material wastage associated with current practice in manhole base construction
  • Reduced skills requirements, due to degree of prefabrication
  • Eliminates requirement for in-situ internal benching, as it is incorporated in the liner
  • Clean access for inspection. Reduces maintenance and running costs

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DN1500 - DN2100 Easi-Base (GRP & Unlined)

DN 1500 & DN 1800 Precast Concrete Easi-Base

FP McCann are extending their Easi-Base range to include large diameter concrete manhole bases. These Bases will accommodate Concrete, Clay, Twin Wall and uPVC Pipes from DN 300 to DN 900mm. Connection to the base will be made on site by applying epoxy resin to a conventional socket/spigot butt before insertion into  the opening of the precast manhole.

Bases are traditionally constructed manually in-situ using ready mix concrete which is troweled to form the base and benching. This practice is labour intensive and requires optimum site conditions to achieve a quality result. With the precast alternative many of the variable factors in the manual process are negated.


  • Cost savings achieved as a result of speed of installation and reduced resource requirements
  • A water tight homogenous base section is achieved once the base is lifted into position and when utilised with our new “no lifting holes” chamber rings, the complete structure is water tight.
  • The Base Unit requires no further wet-trades once it is fixed into position
  • Follow up operations can commence immediately
  • Quality of the Channel and Benches are far superior because the unit is precast in a factory environment
  • It provides a solution that offers increased confidence in ability to meet industry standards than current practice
  • Reduced site skill requirement due to factory prefabrication
  • Improved construction safety as ground workers spend less time in trenches and inside the manhole
  • It yields environmental advantages as less concrete is used and less excavated material being disposed in landfill
  • Maintenance of the channel and benches are reduced due to the quality of the factory produced product
  • Should entry be required by maintenance personnel, the quality and disposition of the benches enhances the Health and Safety of maintenance crews

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