Hydro International Storage & Infiltration Solutions

Polystorm Geocellular System for deep applications, the tried and tested Polystorm geocellular range is designed to provide surface water retention, surface water attenuation or surface water infiltration at a variety of depths.


Stormbloc® Optimum

Geocellular Storage & Infiltration System

Attenuate surface water and stormwater effectively even in challenging high-traffic urban environments.  Stormbloc® Optimum is a resilient geocellular storage system that provides underground storage and infiltration of urban runoff.

Lightweight materials combined with robust design make it easy to transport, quick to install and extremely durable, even beneath high-traffic areas such as roads, car parks and warehouse yards.

Stormbloc® Optimum is modular and easily customisable, giving you the freedom to configure storage for even the most challenging SuDS project.


Length, width and depth of storage can be customised in order to meet even the most demanding of drainage environments.
Two inspection channels enable easy inspection and maintenance
Save space on site: Stormbloc® Optimum is transported and delivered stacked in compact nests, saving valuable space during transport and on site.  Nested units also allow more storage volume to be lifted into excavations at any one time, saving time and cost of lifting machinery.
Stormbloc® Optimum can withstand heavy goods vehicle traffic with an overall load of up to 60 tons and can be installed at base depths of up to 4 metres.


  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) schemes
  • Retrofit SuDS schemes
  • Infiltration / soakaway schemes
  • Attenuation schemes
  • Highways & infrastructure projects
  • To increase swale / pond capacity
  • Car parks and park & ride schemes
  • Housing developments
  • Commercial development
  • Schools & public / civil schemes
  • Aquifer re-charge
  • Storage for rainwater harvesting and re-use.


Stormcell® Geocellular Storage System

Geocellular Storage System

Store surface water and stormwater even on difficult or irregular sites.

Stormcell® is a high-capacity, low maintenance modular stormwater and surface water storage system that can be customised to suit shallow, deep or irregular sites. Its flexible modular structure is light but strong, making it ideal for use beneath areas such as roads, car parks and industrial areas.


With standard shallow sizes, a choice of durable and more lightweight variants and the ability to cut blocks on site, Stormcell® provides the flexibility to customise storage to meet the requirements of shallow, deep or irregular sites.

Reduce maintenance. The Stormcell® system is designed to prevent silting and other build-up of solids and debris, meaning that the system requires.

virtually no maintenance.

Stormcell® requires no assembly or connectors, so installation on site is quick and easy.


  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)
  • Retrofit SuDS schemes
  • Attenuation schemes
  • Highways and infrastructure projects
  • Car parks and park & ride schemes,
  • Housing developments
  • Commercial developments
  • Schools & public / civil schemes
  • Aquifer re-charge.


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