RIDGISTORMAccess Manhole

RIDGISTORMAccess Manholes are engineered for the use in stormwater, foul and combined sewer applications to enable access to the pipework system for inspection and maintenance.

Factory installed, preformed benching and channelling is available to spring line (SHW) or soffit (SFA) depending on the specification required. RIDGISTORMAccess Manholes can be pre-fabricated with a number of features to reduce the need for direct access into the pipe, such as an offset channel, or maximising step landing width, or to minimise operational Health and Safety risks with the pre-installation of Safety Chain Assemblies and Guardrail Assemblies.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provides easy access for maintenance
  • Manufactured to adoptable standards
  • Full range of accessories available including safety chain attachment points and Guardrails
  • Multiple inlet and outlet options, supplied with integral sockets or stub connections allowing quick and seamless connection to the pipeline
  • Depths can be tailored to suit project requirements
  • Integral benching
  • Optional step irons to BS EN 13101 and ladders to BS EN 14376
  • Optional riser section
  • Riser location ring
  • Stub connections and rocker pipes are available
  • Integral lifting points available on request to improve Health and Safety of handling and installation
  • Manufactured in a factory controlled environment for improved quality of finish
  • Eliminates wastage associated with in-situ construction.

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