FP McCann Flow Control

StormBrake™ and Hydrovalve


Vortex Flow Controls (VFCs) are commonly used in drainage systems to regulate the storm water runoff from urban areas. Through the use of vortex flow technology, FP McCann’s StormBrake™ provides the solution to a variety of stormwater management problems. These include accurately controlling storm/surface water flow, minimising upstream storage requirements and reducing the risk of blockages compared to traditional orifice plates.

Vortex flow technology is based on the principle of a vortex hydrodynamics, where under sufficiently high upstream water levels a vortex is induced in the flow by the device. The vortex motion results in significant energy loss, creating a pressure drop across the device and restricting the discharge leaving the outlet.

The geometric properties of the device control the amount of flow restriction and can be tailored to suit the design conditions for a specific site.

• Reduces the amount of upstream storage required, minimising the cost of providing attenuation facilities

• Minimal maintenance required after installation. FP McCann’s StormBrake™ is self-activating and function without any mechanical components

• Outlet clearances up to 6 times larger than an equivalent orifice plate, significantly reducing the risk of blockages and the associated maintenance costs

• Accurately designed to meet a wide range of design conditions:
– flows up to 40l/s;
– heads up to 2m

• Contains a bypass door which can be manually opened at ground level using a pull cable to allow easy access for inspection or blockage removal

For design conditions outside of this range, please contact FP McCann directly.

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