Gas Meter Boxes

G01024 – Mitras Recessed Gas Meter Box

G01024 – Mitras Recessed Gas Meter Box

The Mitras Recessed Gas Meter Box houses all domestic U6 and G4 meters and is designed to mirror to standard recessed electric meter box.

This box is fully approved to National Grid Gas specifications and complies with the BS8499:2009 specification for domestic gas meter boxes and meter brackets.

Dimensions Width = 430mm / Height = 600mm / Depth = 220mm

  • Material – GRP
  • Colour – White

G02026 – Mitras MK2 Unibox Universal Gas Meter Box

The universal MK2 Unibox has been developed to provide greater flexibility for J42 regulators and the latest smart and pre-payment meters.

Installation of inlet and outlet positions is easily achieved with pre-moulded pipe knockouts in the body of the unit making installation quick and easy for installers.

Incorporating a new integrated lid locking mechanism with advanced moulded lid hinges enables the MK2 Unibox to offer greater security, access and durability for domestic gas meter housing, while still complying with BS8499:2017 specifications.

Dimensions Width = 480mm / Height = 500mm / Depth = 290mm

  • Material – GRP
  • Colour – Brown

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