WASK is a major manufacturer of ‘Mains to Meter’

Service fittings for gas industries throughout the world

WASK’s range of mains fittings provide high strength transitions for connecting various gas pipe materials, with a particular expertise in PE to metal transition fittings.

Pe Cats

Provides a high strength transition joint for connecting polyethylene pipe to flanged pipes, plain ended pipes, valves and equipment.

WASK’s range of service fitting solutions are produced for use with polyethylene and steel services and ferrous mains, enabling the Engineer to select the most suitable system for each installation.

Meter Box Adaptors

This range has been specifically developed to provide an easy, yet positive method of connecting metric polyethylene pipe to metal pipe or ancillary equipment.

Transition Fittings

Provides a high strength, mechanical fitting for connecting a polyethylene gas pipe to fittings, valves, or steel pipe for a below ground transition connection.

Building Entry Fittings

Provides a high strength transition fitting for connecting polyethylene gas pipe to a building via a steel through wall pipe for above and below ground connection.

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