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Designed & Engineered to Simplify Polyethylene & PVC Pipe Connections.

Effortless Installation

AquaFast’s unique pressure sealing system offers a simple and reliable solution to connecting polyethylene & PVC pipe. In addition, an enhanced gripping mechanism offers end load restraint, resisting pipe pull out. No special skills or tools are required making installation effortless and quicker than other systems.

Transitional Connections

AquaFast couplings & flange adaptors are available from 63mm to 315mm OD. They are designed to work on PE80 / PE100 PE Pipe SDR 11, 17 & 17.6 without a support liner and can also be used to connect metric PVC pipe so AquaFast is ideal for PE/PVC transitional connections.


A High Performance Polyethylene Jointing System

The AquaGrip range was developed in response to demand for a simple, high performance end load restraint (Type 1) mechanical method of joining polyethylene pipe. AquaGrip products are designed to support and grip PE pipe to prevent pipe collapse and pullout.

Once fitted the product range offers axial restraint and is designed and tested to meet the full Type 1 performance requirements of WIS 4-24-01 in all sizes up to 450mm. Full Type 2 performance is achieved on larger sizes. It is designed to equal or exceed the pressure capabilities of MDPE (PE80) and HDPE (PE100) pipe and has total corrosion protection with Rilsan Nylon coated body and clamp bands.


The Flexible Solution for Pipe Repairs

The range of MaxiFit universal couplings represents the very latest in mechanical pipe coupling technology. MaxiFit products are designed to accommodate plain ended pipes with different outside diameters, one fitting is able to connect steel, ductile iron, PVCu, cast iron, GRP, asbestos cement pipes and limited lengths of PE pipe for repairs.


The Perfect Partner for Difficult Repairs

UltraGrip products are designed to offer a solution to joining plain-ended pipes and contain an end load resistant mechanism, that grips and seals onto a variety of pipe materials including cast iron, ductile iron, steel, PVC and PE. UltraGrip is now available in sizes up to DN600.

UltraGrip offers an easy transition from one pipe material to another, making a simple, permanent and reliable repair, whilst the wide tolerance means that only a few strategic sizes need to be kept in stock to cover many repair or emergency situations.

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