FP McCann’s StormChannel™ is a heavy duty, precast concrete slot drainage channel designed to remove surface water from many areas, including roads, motorways, car parks, industrial, commercial and residential areas. This helps to prevent flooding and run-off.

FP McCann offers two types of StormChannel™ slot drain:

  1.  A precast concrete bullnosed kerb drainage channel has a linear slot drain and a profiled, oblong drainage channel.
  2. A standard precast concrete drainage channel with an interrupted slot and stabiliser bars for increased stability

Fp Mccann Precast Concrete Slotted Drainage Channel Stormchannel Dimensions Table 1024x485

Benefits of FP McCann’s slot drain StormChannel include:

  • Quick installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Excellent flow rates even at zero or shallow gradients
  • Modular system
  • Robust product
  • Economical product
  • Integrated watertight seal
  • No concrete surround required
  • Conforms to EN 1433

Features of FP McCann’s slot drain StormChannel include:

  • Resilient up to class D400kN, E600kN or F900kN
  • 300 and 400 Standard Stormchannel™ tested to Class E600
  • 2% surface slope to the slot
  • Supplied with interrupted slot only – slot width 30mm
  • Spigot and socket end for correct alignment and joining

Additional connections can be provided on request to this precast slot drain solution. Junction boxes and sump units are also available in all sizes.

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