Duct Access Chambers

Clark-Drain is a leading innovator of chambers and covers delivering cable/utility access and network protection solutions.

Central to their design is a focus on customer needs. It is why we supply them to a customer’s precise requirements, as complete chamber access systems, ready to go in the ground, to make them easy to install and to provide the flexibility required for different installations.

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  • High quality composite covers for easy and safe manual removal during use are ideal for access to sewage systems, underground pipework, electrical ducting and communication networks. The covers are available as a B125 load rating with a galvanised steel frame. Specification considerations include:
  • B125 (12.5T) load rating classification
  • Many manhole applications require manhole lids to be non-conductive. For Telecommunication and electrical utility applications the covers are non-ferrous composite material. Covers are black in colour and marked “Clark-Drain” with “Traffic signalling” or “Street Lighting” badging
  • A slip resistant cover with a PSRV value of 60 suits both low risk pedestrian traffic, cyclists or equestrian use and potentially high risk sites, specified (Part 5 HA 104/09)
  • Composite material is resistant to chemicals and is not subject to rust and corrosion
  • Frames are galvanised to BS EN 1461
  • Composite material has no scrap value acting as a theft deterrent
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